16 June 2010


Hi bloggers!! Nice to see you!!

I took a mini-vacation of wonderfulness for the last 4 days, and as a result, not only had time to blog (well, get stuff ready for blogs!), but I got to spend some awesome time with my dad (and husband, who's post is coming later).

Certain members of the Smith family really like to drive. A lot. Dad and I drive ridiculous distances to do things easily done at home or around town, just because we like it. Some other family members like to sleep while we drive, but we still like having them come along :)

So on Monday, day 3 of my "4 days of no working!," Dad and I decided to take a drive to Sisters (about 2 1/2 hours away) to have lunch at one of our favorite pizza places. But what fun is a 2 1/2 hour drive when you can take fun backroads and make it a 3 1/2 hour drive?? :)

Our handy transportation:

Isn't she pretty? I assume she's a she... Dad, want to weight in on this? I'm not sure she even has a name....

We started off out of Eugene and took the backroads south, down to Fall Creek reservoir and Highway 58, then headed east until we got to the turnoff for Westfir. From there is was another hour back north through some gorgeous mountains and canyons.

The North Fork of the Willamette River:

Unfortunately, this lovely road spelled disaster for our adventures, since shortly after we left 58 and headed up the mountains the car started making sounds that can be compared only to a really angry squirrel being ran over. In fact, before we realized where the sound was coming from I thought "Wow, you can REALLY hear the wildlife out here!" Oops.
As a result, we cut our drive a little short (no one wants to get stranded in the mountains). We ended up having lunch at a restaurant about an hour out of town called Takoda's and then hit Tokatee golf course for 9 holes (no, I don't golf. Yes, I am an awesome cart driver.)

My shadow, driving the cart, in a shadowy, mysterious way:

Golf!!! Specifically, golf that I'm pretty sure Dad didn't know was documented until this moment:

All in all, it was a great day, and even if we had to come home early, that just means we get to schedule another trip once the little car is healthy again!! :)


Courtenay Beth said...

I am homesick now! i LOVE Fall Creek!!! And sisters! Looks like a blast, love the car!


So good to see a new post!! Nice ride, nice drive. It looks lovely.

natalie said...

very cool. hehe... yes, do stop by Element or if you need to stay at The Paramount Hotel (that is where I work for a friends&family rate)... let us know. nat